It Bugs Me: Phantom World Episode 3

And we’re back, with more Phantom World. Just a reminder to check out the It Bugs Me for episodes one and two as well!

So let me tell you, I’ve had people around me dropping this show left and right, and after watching this third episode, I had people ask me why. “I started blogging about it,” I said. “Now I’m stuck with it.” So if you’re reading this…thank you. I’m doing this for you. You’d better appreciate it.

Let me just get this little confession out of the way up front first, though…this episode wasn’t as bad. I mean, it wasn’t good, but it didn’t send me into a rage again. You’ll get to see a little praise from me alongside all the hatred! So with that, let’s launch right into the episode. Continue reading “It Bugs Me: Phantom World Episode 3”

It Bugs Me: Phantom World Episode 2

So we’re back with episode 2 of Phantom World. Oh boy. Make sure you’ve checked out my post for episode 1 before you continue. Everyone ready? Then let’s go.

Now, how exactly will this one start?

Oh, we’re going back to this thing again. I’d call KyoAni out for using recycled animation, but then again, they’re the ones who animated every episode of Endless Eight separately, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s just the same thing animated differently. Instead,let’s focus on what’s being said. What’s being said is “blah blah smart-sounding words, KANT, hey did you hear what we just said Kant is a philosopher guys look at how smart we are.” Continue reading “It Bugs Me: Phantom World Episode 2”

It Bugs Me: Phantom World Episode 1

You know, after a while you start to expect certain things from certain animation studios. You can expect Studio Deen to mostly make shit, for example, or for Trigger to put out really quirky shows. Kyoto Animation has become synonymous with well-animated shows, and have had a run of very well-received shows over the past decade. So when I saw they were putting out an action show called Musaigen no Phantom World, or Myriad Colors Phantom World, I expected it would be the best show of the season. On paper, it looked really good. In practice…well…welcome to the first installment of “It Bugs Me,” where I rant about stuff I really don’t like. Continue reading “It Bugs Me: Phantom World Episode 1”

Digicast 1: Digimon That Made Us Hit Puberty (Adventure)

Are you hyped for Digimon Adventure Tri? Because we’re hyped for Digimon Adventure Tri. We’re so hyped for Digimon Adventure Tri that we’re recording a podcast all about Digimon Adventure. Continue reading “Digicast 1: Digimon That Made Us Hit Puberty (Adventure)”