The Bugcast: Episode 3

Buggy and Chris are joined by Jess, AKA Eliza Lento to talk about collectibles and merchandise.

Download (right click, Save Link As) | Time: 1:56:31 | YouTube Link (coming soon)

Be sure to check out both Buggy and Jess’s collections.

Social Media Links

Buggy: Twitter | YouTube
Jess: Twitter | MyAnimeList | MyFigureCollection | DeviantArt | Tumblr

Sites Mentioned – /a/’s guide to buyfagging. A fantastic source for information and research. More information on prominent sites can be found on the “List of shops” page.
AmiAmi – One of the best sites for preordering figures and other merchandise
Big in Japan – Another good site for preordering, helpful for customs dodging.
CDJapan – Good site for manga and CDs (though Amazon is sometimes cheaper)
Amazon and Amazon Japan – You should know what Amazon is by now. Good for buying books and manga. Amazon Japan allows you to import goods if there’s international shipping.
RightStuf – Very good prices on anime and manga, but shipping outside of the US is expensive.
Viz Media – Publishers of Shonen Jump. Digital subscription available.
Crunchyroll – Perhaps the largest anime streaming site in the US. Also has simulpub manga. Has a store that occasionally has very good deals.
FUNimation – Another notable anime streaming site. Sells a lot of wallet-friendly anime releases, simulcasts dubs. – A service for anime collectors to track their goods. The MyAnimeList of collecting.

Music Used

“Ladybird Girl” by The Pillows
“Secret Sound” from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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