The Bugcast: Episode 2 Play in new window | DownloadBuggy and Chris are joined by Kurt, AKA generalgyrozen, to talk about comedy in anime.

It Bugs Me: Phantom World Episode 4

Sometimes you set out to mock a terrible show on an episode-by-episode basis and end up getting an episode that’s not actually terrible. You find yourself faced with a decision: mock the show in a more condensed way, or spare yourself the effort of the write-up by skipping a week and simply apologizing for not…

Digicast 3: The Jun Experience (Adventure 02 Part 1) Play in new window | DownloadBuggy, Tom, Chris, and Maduin talk for far too long about things only mostly related to the boring half of Digimon.

The Bugcast: Episode 1 Play in new window | DownloadThe first episode of the first season of the Bugcast is out! Buggy and Chris are joined by Crimson “Douglas” King to talk about music in anime.

It Bugs Me: Phantom World Episode 1

You know, after a while you start to expect certain things from certain animation studios. You can expect Studio Deen to mostly make shit, for example, or for Trigger to put out really quirky shows. Kyoto Animation has become synonymous with well-animated shows, and have had a run of very well-received shows over the past…

Digicast 2: Mimi is Best Girl (Tri Part 1) Play in new window | DownloadThe team gets back together to discuss the first part of Digimon Adventure Tri.

Digicast 1: Digimon That Made Us Hit Puberty (Adventure) Play in new window | DownloadAre you hyped for Digimon Adventure Tri? Because we’re hyped for Digimon Adventure Tri. We’re so hyped for Digimon Adventure Tri that we’re recording a podcast all about Digimon Adventure.